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    Purchasing Homes in the Piedmont Triad Region of North Carolina

    We are real estate investors who buy and sell single family houses in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina – Winston-Salem, Forsyth County and Lexington, North Davidson County areas.

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    Welcome to OffersMade, Inc., – Your Trusted Partner for Home Buying in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina and its surrounding areas. If you’re considering selling your house, you can count on us as your local experts. Our focus is on meeting your needs, and we provide a transparent process with no charges, commissions, real estate agents, inspections, repairs, or undisclosed expenses.

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    Receive aN Offer Within 24 Hours

    Save time and money by bypassing the process and expenses associated with selling your home through a realtor. In many instances, we can present you with several equitable offers in as little as 24 hours.

    Sell Fast

    We have the flexibility to complete the transaction in just 7 days or according to your preferred timeline. You can confidently sell your house in its current condition, without the need for any repairs, and without any financing-related contingencies.

    Achieve a Guaranteed Closure

    There are absolutely no fees on your end. We cover all the legal fees and customary closing costs. When the deal is completed, you’ll enjoy the satisfaction and peace of mind of having your property sold.

    Save on Agent Fees – Why Pay More?

    Before committing to a six-month contract with an agent, why not reach out to us for an offer? We are committed, prompt, and promise to present fair offers without wasting your time. Our services come at absolutely no cost, and there’s no obligation to accept. You will have ZERO at risk.. therefore, nothing to lose!

    Effortlessly Sell Your House.

    Selling a house can be a challenging undertaking, made even more complex by the underlying reasons for the sale. It entails dealing with agents, property tours, open houses, repairs, cleaning, and a multitude of uncertainties.



      No matter what drives your decision to sell, we are here to purchase your house!

      Escape from closing costs, property walkthroughs, open houses, uncertainties, and costly repairs. Regardless of your motivations for selling, we are ready to acquire houses, condos, and apartments. We will buy or lease your house, make your payments, do repairs, and close quickly – any area, any price range, and any condition!

      Inherited an Unaffordable House

      Fatigued with Landlord Responsibilities

      Numerous Costly Repairs

      Mold, Water, or Fire Damage

      Behind on Payments and Facing Foreclosure

      Dealing with Hoarder Houses

      Need to Relocate

      Owning Vacant Properties

      Elderly in Need of Assisted Living

      Selling Old House to Purchase a New Place

      Going Through a Divorce

      Sell Without The Hassles of Listing it!

      How Do I Sell My House Fast In The Piedmont Triad Area of North Carolina?

      It’s really not that difficult to sell your house, whether it’s for cash, terms, or a mixture of both. We do this by cutting out the “middle man” (agents, “wholesalers,” banks, etc.). We can buy your house without waiting for approvals or inspections from outside parties. We are not wholesalers, who put houses under contract and then try to sell the contract.  We are BUYERS.


      Visit The How It Works Page

      Discover how your offer is created by us. We answer some commonly asked questions and explain our process.


      View Service Areas That We Cover

      We are a local company in Winston-Salem and we buy in the surrounding areas. Learn more about us!


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      You won’t be wasting time with us. Fill out one of our forms and get your offer fast. It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

      No Realtor’s Fees, No Repairs, No Closing Costs

      Selling your house quickly is made effortless with us.

      When you sell your house to us, you won’t be burdened with agent commissions or hefty closing costs. You won’t even need to worry about cleaning! That’s correct—no stress, no cleaning, no repairs, no realtor fees, no agent commissions, and no extended waiting periods!

      Bypass the entire listing process and fast-forward to a closing date of your choosing.

      Selling your house quickly may not always be feasible when listing with an agent. Whether your property is vacant or occupied, facing foreclosure, part of a divorce, estate settlement, or if you’re tired of being a landlord, dealing with tax  issues, or even if it’s in an uninhabitable condition, rest assured that we have seen it all and can still purchase your house!

      Cash For Your House Easy & Fast.


      We purchase houses with cash and/or terms, regardless of the repairs required. As experienced real estate professionals, we embrace properties in any condition – the more challenging the situation, the more enthusiastic we become!


      We’re prepared to swiftly purchase your Piedmont Triad property regardless of your current circumstances. Whether you’re dealing with liens, overdue taxes or mortgage payments, code violations, or any other challenge, our solution remains unaffected. Exploring our proposition comes at no expense to you!

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      How It’s Works


      Simply provide some basic information about the property. There’s no need to worry about repairs! We’ll examine the provided information and contact you in the manner you prescribe.

      Step 2: Get Your Offer

      Within 24 hours of visiting the property, you’ll receive one or more offers from which to choose. You can accept one of the offers or reject them all. It’s entirely your decision.

      Step 3: Get Paid

      After accepting an offer, choose a closing date that suits your schedule. Sell quickly. Say goodbye to stress. Have cash in hand! It truly is that straightforward!

      Save on Agent Fees – Why Pay More?

      At OffersMade, Inc., our commitment to “We Buy Houses As Is” is unwavering! Regardless of the condition, when you sell your house to us, you can simply take what you need and leave the rest. That encompasses everything – from the food in the fridge and dirt on the floor to clothing, debris, trash, and furniture. No matter how challenging it may appear, we’re dedicated to ensuring a hassle-free and stress-free process for you!

      The Optimal Method for Selling Your Home in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina and the Surrounding Counties!

      When you sell your house to us, there’s no need to be concerned about cleaning! Our aim is to make your selling experience as smooth as possible, without any judgment. We’re here to provide support every step of the way.

      Receive Your Offer Within 24 hours!

      Right after visiting the property, we’ll promptly provide your offer, thoroughly explaining the calculation process. Our dedication is to ensure complete transparency for you.

      Our Services Are Completely Free

      Just complete the form, and you’ll promptly receive our offer. There’s no obligation to accept, and you won’t incur any charges for our services.

      No Need for Cleaning!

      You choose what to keep, and leave the rest to us. We’ll take care of all the details on your behalf.

      No Repairs Necessary – We Purchase As Is!

      Allowing us to handle repairs might result in a higher offer, eliminating the need for rework. Our focus is on the property’s potential, not just its “as is” condition.

      No Realtor Involvement, No Commissions!

      You will receive your offer immediately after the walk-through, and we will explain the calculation process in full detail. Complete transparency is our commitment to you.

      Already Received an Offer? Try us anyway!

      We’re dedicated to providing the most competitive prices in the market. We’re confident that we can help you explore ways to get a better return on your sale. At the very least, we’ll give it our best effort 😉


      So Many People Are Happy About Our Services – We Know You’ll Be Happy Too!


      L. & R. Little, Lexington, NC

      “Due to a large amount of medical bills, we had gotten behind and the bank wasn’t really willing to help. We needed to sell the home quickly and get ready for a move out of state. We couldn’t afford to catch up and try to save money for a cross-country move. We contacted Jim Hill at OffersMade and he stepped up and really made it quick, easy, and painless. We just can’t say enough about them and how much they helped!”


      M. Ricardo, Winston-Salem, NC

      “I was going through a separation and money had been tight. I was falling behind on my mortgage payments and didn’t know what to do. While driving down the street, I saw a sign and decided to call the number on it. Jim Hill returned my phone call almost immediately. He came over to look at my house. A week later, the deal was done, I was no longer behind, and I was in my new apartment with the help of Jim. Thanks Jim for the opportunity at a fresh start!”


      J. Mendenhall, Lexington, NC

      “We had to move out of state rather suddenly to help take care of sick relatives. We couldn’t afford to list our house with a Realtor only to wait around hoping it would sell. We contacted OffersMade and were able to close in less than two weeks! They presented us with a nice offer and they were good to deal with all along the way. I didn’t know that selling a house could be so easy!”

      The Best Way To Sell Your House In The Piedmont Triad Area of North Carolina FAST